the BOGOF,Being Only Great Of Finesse:WHO AM I? to PIECE OF PEACE

Before you look at me as if I am jogging backwards, wait a minute. OK. Maybe ten.

I would like to acknowledge the attendance of all those who BOGOF’d with us a month ago at the BOGOF, Being Only Great Of Finesse: WHO AM I? both in the flesh and in kind.

The Epiphany

This week has been a very epiphanic one. I have put more flesh to the bone of who I have thought I am all this while. Do not confuse this, in any way, to mean that I have not known myself prior. To be honest, it does take a whole lot of objectivity and a splash of critique to experience an epiphany such as I did. Oh well!

I will touch on the points that I consider important for this exposee. Well, a business meeting that was meant to achieve best ways of making a cent or two to make the BOGOF self sustaining took a turn to critically discuss the concept, it’s birth, it’s initiation and now, the direction that it intends to take now and in the future, near or distant.

Where it all begins

The starting point, as with similar discussions previously, is what the acronym stands for. Followed by the age-old question: “Why not Buy One Get One Free”? Being-Only-Great-Of-Finesse is a concept that hopes to create a revolution of self in the youth to not only Get up, Go out, and Get something but also to live in the best way possible – knowing self, their surroundings, their goals and a merger of the two – doing all this by creating a single front of an art/music blend. This having been said, it is important to note, as I came to learn, to give people a basis for the theme to build their views on. Admittedly, I do realize that the “comment cards” that three quarters of the responses received had nothing at all to do with the audience’s reaction to the theme in itself. Rather, people went on to illustrate how the show was awesome. I do not mean any harm when I say this, the comment cards are for the theme. The Visitors’ book is for general comments. As I digress.

Who I Am

So the question is put to me, the brain that housed the BOGOF, “WHO ARE YOU?” I was thinking mmmh, erm, well, but what actually came out was: Well, I am an IT Professional, a leader of an interest group, a rapper, an entrepreneur, a poet, a social thinker, a believer, a budding events organizer, a public figure, a part-time dancer, a social thinker, a student of life, a seemingly single gent and a heterosexual Kenyan male. If there is any question anybody would like to ask in this regard, this is your post!

I realize that the BOGOF is a concept, that, unless executed perfectly as a practical exercise, it is an exercise in futility if that does not cement the very foundation on which it stands. The main point here is that the grandeur that the concept presents should be diced and sliced into chewable portions that can be consumed whole. Basically, when conjuring up these grand ideas for themes – WHO AM I? and now, PIECE OF PEACE – there should be the courtesy to simplify these ideas enough for people to use them as files to whit their persons in their individual everyday lives.

Building a house

Also, I realize that a house is built from the bottom up and the different stages involved in this process should built upon each other to eventually create a house, founded on solid mortar. Let’s ‘koroga’ then, shall we?

If the first episode in the BOGOF series is talking about WHO AM I? and the second one is PIECE OF PEACE, how are these two complimenting each other? You may ask. Well, The trenches to self-revolution (what the BOGOF tries to create) begin with knowledge of self.. I am a man/woman, at this point in my life, I think this way, I am involved in that activity and so on. After digging the trenches that the foundation wall are lined in, we moved towards building brick -on-brick on these trenched. If I know who I am, am I at PEACE with myself? With what I do, whether, it is school,work,music,business,etc? With what I have achieved? In my failures? In the challenges I face? Ask yourself

Piece of Peace

I, for one, believe that I am at peace with myself. I wake up every weekday morning and go to the office for a 9 our shift. I am at peace with myself at the workplace and enjoy what I do. I leave the office in the evening at peace with what I have or have not accomplished. I take pride in the BOGOF as my brain child and I am at PEACE with it as a tool to create a positive change. I am at peace with my housemates, my family, my neighbors, my colleagues, my friends (and enemies, if they exist), my fellow country men and women. I think I have that piece of peace that is required for this greater peace to be a reality. I would like to reach out to you to share that PIECE that you have that makes you PEACEFUL and would move towards making a peaceful society, nation, continent and, or world.

The Flipside

When faced with questions about what causes chaos in our lives we would readily point out the fuel prices, politicians politicking, police harassment, high fares, bad pay, unemployment levels,etc etc.

Let us try and find what makes us peaceful: that music, that art, that job, that book, that person, that Bible/Quran/Gutta verse. Let us share our pieces of PEACE.

We will attempt to bring this forth on the Sat,30th of April 2011 from 3.00PM at the Hilton Nairobi. The music, art, good food, drinks and superb people there will help us create that mural of PEACE by splashing our different pieces onto that large canvas (ideologically speaking).

Be Positive. Peace


Jaq Jakobo Oduol



I am a poet. A writer. A rapper. A musician. In all of this I am an artiste.

I heard it on a Lauyn Hill song and read somewhere, very recently, that the purpose of music is to inspire. Entertainment is just a pit stop towards that destination. I think, also, that all forms of art paint pictures that people should get inspiration from by viewing. This art is internalized and applies to different individuals differently.

With this in mind, the onus is on us, as artistes to present pictures that can be understood and internalized in different forms by different quarters. Hence, a PIECE OF PEACE!

The Perfect Masterpiece

If you have ever played the “PIECE OF THE PUZZLE” game you would bear me witness that every one of those pieces look meaningless by themselves, but, when they are correctly placed they present the perfect masterpiece.

In the same way, I do believe that there are pieces that make a person, a society, a nation! One of these pieces, in my thinking, should be a PIECE of PEACE. For you to have a peaceful person, society, nation all the different pieces that constitute the whole have to be peaceful to have the perfect masterpiece of Piece. When the people are at war with themselves, how then, do we expect to have a peaceful society or nation. At the next BOGOF we will attempt to explore the piece that are individuals in PEACE.

Pieces of the Puzzle

For those among us who BOGOF’d with us in February, you would agree that the blend of music and art is a good way to piece a puzzle together. That time the puzzle, WHO AM I? was the puzzle and I think all who performed did a killer job in trying to paint that picture, spray that perfect wall with graffiti.

This is the same thing we will try and achieve with the PIECE OF PEACE. All the artistes who come to showcase will exhibit their own piece, in the larger scheme of things, of PEACE. Poets are expected. So are rappers. And singers. And illustrators. And THE BAND. and the most important piece,you, THE AUDIENCE.

I hope that we can come together to achieve THE PERFECT MASTERPIECE. Not only for our SELVES but also for our society, our nation, our world. All of these are OURS.

Looking forward to seeing you as we paint yet another mural on the canvas of the BOGOF, Being Only Great Of Finesse together.

Be Positive. Peace