theBOGOF, Being Only Great Of Finesse: “WHERE TRUTH LIES”

Dear FAM,

(It beats me too that I start any post,email,communique that way…but,hey…)

I am awed, amazed, flabbergasted, fascinated even, by the event we had on the 30th July 2011 at the Hilton. A lot can be said about the event that we held.

Many many thanks to our partners: @HiltonNairobi, Eyeris Pictures,, Kuna Vijana and Sketch Designs.

Much gratitude as well to Mwendwa Kiogora, Eric Njoka and Macharia Maina and the entire @KTNKenya, @RemmyMajala at K24 for taking the time to interview us about the event in general and helping us get as many people as possible to come. BRAVO!!! God Bless.

The performers, for their dedication and energy on and off the stage. The education, the entertainment, their interpretation of WHERE TRUTH LIES. The poets, the rappers, Lele (the band) (these guys are out of this world), the very thorough sketch artistes, @ceowamboi for putting it all in colour…AND The MC, rapping in French..(oh!how could I forget)

Here are the photos..check them out on our FB page as well:


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