theBOGOF, Being Only Great Of Finesse: “FROM THE ART”

Dear FAM,

This post has been written from behind that rock over there. I feel like a neglectful parent who leaves their child wandering around the neighborhood until after 9pm and realizing, OH SHIE…where’s that little nutter, It’s dinner time.
Here’s the dinner then.

I have probably met a number of you and told you about the rush in creating the theme for our next BOGOF, FROM THE ART.

There was deliberation (fruits of a democratic environment) before this was agreed upon, I will have you know. Something about where this particular line of thought is heading seems off,oh, there’s a junction. LEFT TURN.

FROM THE ART is a theme that has a strong sense of abstractness in art and the thought in itself. The theme recognizes where from theBOGOF has come from as an event and also the space created by the themes given for rtistes to express themselves, audience to participate and the movement to grow..OK, I think we need a change of direction.

ooh ooh ROUND-A-BOUT

The theme recognizes that ART is an individual conviction by all who wield the talent’s power. In that sense it is expressed in a custom-made manner and everybody puts their heart into it. That tends to show the sincerity that art has when expressed by different individuals. At the very same time, it is abstract because of the fact that it is expressed by different individuals. Quite like having many differently-colored paint balls being thrown around in an enclosed space.(that’s what just popped into my head at that moment). That is how FROM THE ART came along. I can see the lights, we’re here.


The event will be held at the HILTON NAIROBI on the 29th October 2011 from 3pm to 7pm. In store for you is the most phenomenal assortment of artistes that we have had yet. You would have to come to find that out now won’t you.

But really, the lights are so pretty. The people who will grace the stage will be nothing short of GREAT OF FINESSE. And you will be part of it by just parting with under USD 2.00, KES 200.00, considering the hard times.

Have a peak inside, there’s the window (read POSTER)…Let me….

Revolutionizing the youth using a blend or ART and MUSIC



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