Being Only Great Of Finesse: 2011, the ENCORE

Dear FAM,

We have come to the end of 2011 friends. In my own words, this has been The Year of The Rise. I am so enthusiastic about this fact that it led to me putting this phrase as my signature to remind myself and all who read it that 2011 and indeed every year, month, day is a time to ARISE. Arise to our potential. Arise towards the journey to our destin(y)ies. A journey to self-actualization.

I’ll be honest in saying that this morning I was sure that I would lose my job. With that comes a sense of fear, confusion, and finally – resolve. I tend to believe that I do many things. Question that begs is how well is each component of this complete picture painted? Every single thing has its time and place. I have thus decided to make every moment count for its own merit. In doing so, it is my hope that the whole will be regarded as a better person.

You might ask why the BOGOF, plastered on my back has to do with any of this. Good question. The truth is that, it is my belief that every single one of us is in the situation they are in at this very moment, day, week, month, year to offer the best – be the greatest that we can ever be. That said, I still yearn to Be Only the Greatest Of Finesse in all components that define who I am even in the midst of many factors that get me tripping along the way. And so should you – for now and for always.

Le Cleric pictured with Kunga of the sensational ELANI

theBOGOF, Being Only Great Of Finesse: FROM THE ART 29th Oct 2011


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